Photo Candle Printers
Unique and Proven Business Opportunity
Incease profits and revenue (if you are already making candles)

If you are already in the candle business - don't be left behind and
ignore this incredible opportunity to add to your business. If you
are not, you can still open a "Photo Candle Printing Business",
just purchase the printer and purchase candles locally and you are ready to go.

Can get started for under $5,000 in a untapped maket a true ground floor opportunity.

If you have an existing retail or manufacture/distribution center and are considering adding 'cutting
edge' equipment to your work then we can help you. We have many sophisticated printing machines
for different applications. We can print on candles to flowers to fingernails.

Call us for more information 1 885 410 8797 or 1 416 410 8797
Photo Candle Printer Sales
These two Photo Candle Printers Model CAUNSOMO1N and CAUNSOMO2N (above) are two of the
older models. We do not stock them anymore, but the one on the right (CAUNSOMO2N) is still available
on a per order basis.

It requires a connection to a computer or laptop to make it work.
The unit is available for $2500.00. (subject to availability, does not work on newer windows.
Note: all prices in Canadian funds. Prices subject to change without notice. All shipping is extra. And any taxes or duty are
extra where applicable.
These two models above are the most current. The one on the left is our Industrial model
CAUNSOMO3N. The unit on the right model CASOMO1N (looks the same as CAUNSOMN103N) is
our most popular model.

The industrial unit can manufacture and print up to 6 candles at a time.
It has a high calibre touch screen.
Resolution max Is 4800 dpi x 2400 dpi.
Printing Range is Diametre 100mm x Length 220mm

Cost : $16, 000.00 US funds.
Note: all prices in US funds. Prices subject to change without notice. All shipping is extra. And any taxes or duty are extra
where applicable.

Our commercial and most popular unit CASOMO1N & the most current model CAUNSOMN103N (they
look the same) does NOT require a computer hook up as it has a built in windows system, that allows it
to print the candle, faster and more clearer. It is also easier to learn, and can be moved around for
example a trade show and back to your office without any trouble.

The Most Current CAUNSOMN103N (looks just like CASOMO1N, as shown above) has added

Prints: Images, Pictures, Photos, Wording and Text
Has a 8.5" LCD "Touch Screen" (same as CASOMO1N)
But has ability to accept coin, for coin insert system. (This option is an upgrade to the cost however).
Software supplied for both Photo Candle Printers.
Accepts and works best with JPG .
Takes Lexmark Ink -available everywhere.
Operates using Windows XP, VISTA and Windows 7

Max Pillar PhotoCandle Printing Size:
In Diameter: 20 - 80 mm (0.78" - 3.12") and Length: 210 mm (8.19")
Input Voltage: 220V 50 Hz/110 V 60Hz
Net Weight 27kg (59 1/2 lbs).

Cost is $4,500.00 US funds.
Note: all prices in US funds. Prices subject to change without notice. All shipping is extra. And any taxes or duty are extra
where applicable.
Other Things I Need Before I Start Printing:
Each printer uses standard Lexamark Ink 17 and 27,
which is available most everywhere.

There is a learning curve, and time required to print on
candles. Give yourself practice time to perfect it. Please
do NOT purchase from us, if you don't feel you can give it
ample practice time.

Not all candles print the same, try different candles at

Oil Dipping Solution is also required to print on candles.
That is sold by us for $169.00 per litre.

You can either dip the candle into the solution (before you
print) or you can paint the solution on the candle before
you print.

Note: Dipping is faster
Painting is cheaper (using less solution).
Call us 1 855 410 8797
Local 416 410 8797 ask for "Candle Dept"
Newer Model

Sold to Candle Manufacturers and Local Regular
People looking to start their own business!

Model: CAUNSOMN101

Can print on multiple shapes and sizes.
Including church candles and cyliner candles and
different size "Pillar Candles" and Pyramid Candles
as well.

Prints any image, picture, photo, word or text.

Max size 185 x 260 mm, Diameter of 85 mm
Software included
Thousands of default images/pictures also included.
Works with JPG easily
Fast Drying and prints multiple colors.
CISS system for refilling ink easily
Operates and compatible with Windows XP, VISTA
and Windows 7

Max Printing Size:
Pillar Candle: Diameter 50-85 mm (1.92" - 3.12")
with a length of 200 mm (7.8")

Square Candle:
260 x 200 x 100 mm (10.14" x 7.8" x 3.9")
Input Voltage: 220V 50Hz/110V 60Hz.
Weight: 22 kg almost 49 lbs

Price $4,000.00 CANADIAN FUNDS
Start Making Money with your own
Photo Candle Printing Machine
You will probably be the first in your area!
Ground Floor Opportunity..
.Call 1 855 410 8797 or
Local (CANADA) 416 410 8797 or Skype: Ezeric1